It has been a huge project to get to this point but we have a long way to go. We have secured a loan IF NEEDED to help with things. As of the writing of this post, $700,000 has been raised but we still need 1.4million dollars to complete the project.

You can tell there is something missing on Sunday Mornings as the service is taking place.

In a conservation with Shirley who use to play the organ, she shared some interesting facts with me. Did you know that the organ was built for St. Peters?

I ask her what she missed about playing the organ, Shirley shared with me that she misses the essence of the organ. The feelings that each piece had as you played it. The new organ is getting the job done but it is all-electric.

In June the construction of the scaffolding will start. That will I think finally make this seem real. It is actually happening.

July 4th will see Harrison and Harrison to start taking apart our girl and packing her up for her journey to England. I am hoping to get an interview with them while they are here to find out more about the journey and what will take place in England.

August 8 will see her set out on her journey over the next 2 months to reach England.

Morning services still feel a bit empty at times, the sense of missing a dear friend who we visit with each week.

Did you know that you can “Own” a pipe from the organ. check out

for more information on the project and to make a purchase.

I will do my best to follow this journey as close as I can.

What do you miss about the organ? I hope that you will share that with me during this time.