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As Phil and I wandered into St.Peters on Sunday night our hearts leapt with joy as she had returned even just for one night. Listening to Josh play her was like old times. For just a few hours all was right in the life of S.Peters. 

Her family had gathered one last time as she would soon be turned off for good, so she could be taken apart and packed for her trip to England.

Having the chance to say goodbye but safe journey till you return home. She will be gone for over a year. Tonight its hard to imagine that but the work needed on her will take time.

We are also saying Thank You to Josh as he departs for a new job with Co-Opera. I know he will be amazing. Josh has give me a new outlook at music, the value of music but to really take the time to listen and appreciate what is being played.

Josh started playing but then stopped and you heard footsteps thumping up the wooden stairs to the organ and Josh started playing again. It was funny but it was great to hear the organ for the last time.

All I could do all evening was just listen and I am not afraid to admit the tears came.

As Josh started the final piece, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone listened intently as the music wafted to all corners of the Cathedral.

As Josh finished, thunderous applause erupted from those in attendance. Josh took one last bow.

The evening was spent catching up with friends who had come from distances to sing in the choir celebrating the organ for the evening.

The hardest part for me at least was knowing it was the last time Josh would be at the keys of the Organ. He has taught us all so much about organ music. He taught us how to listen and that organ music is cool, being moved by what you are hearing is OK. Organist work long hours learning pages of music which is way beyond me, I can read music but wow, I have no clue how in the world they pull off pieces like Josh did Sunday night.

I got the chance for a chat to Josh to thank him and to tell him what he means to me. I even got a selfie, the one thing I wanted. There was one other thing I had always hoped for but I never told him. Just wanted to sing one song with him at the piano. Maybe one day.

Construction of the scaffolding takes place soon. The Cathedral will be closed during this time.

My goals along the way here are hoping to get a couple of pictures once the construction of the scaffolding is done, a chat with the Harrison and Harrison workmen about the process.

Did you know that you can “Own” a pipe from the organ. check out

It may seem like forever but she will be back before we know it. Lots of work to do while she is gone.

December 2018 seems like a long way off but before we know it, she will be on her way back home.